ICL (Insertable Contact Lenses)

Visian ICL to Optimize Your Eyesight without Contacts and Glasses

The Visian ICL is an elegant lens that corrects nearsightedness and vision.

The Visian ICL is a thin, foldable “contact lens implant” made from Collamer, a biocompatible lens material that blocks ultraviolet light. Visian ICL insertion is a painless and quick 9 minute procedure. The soft ICL lens is placed within the eye and behind the iris. The ICL vaults over your biological, internal lens. The Visian ICL was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States for correction of myopia in healthy eyes. The ICL has a long 14 year track record in Europe.

Since the Visian ICL is a thin and foldable lens, only a tiny opening is required to insert this lens.

You do not feel the ICL. It’s like a dental filling in that it is there, but you’ll never know it’s there. The ICL is not visible to other people, only to eye doctors who examine the patient with a microscope.

The ICL is placed behind the iris and you'll never feel it or know it's there, like a dental filling.

The goal of the Visian ICL is to improve uncorrected vision without the use of contact lenses or glasses. The reason why the Visian ICL can help patients with keratoconus is because keratoconus often causes myopia due to the bulging cornea and the Visian ICL improves the myopia. The Visian ICL will not directly improve the keratoconus on the cornea itself.

Corneal rehabilitation procedures (Intacs®, Corneal Collagen Crosslinking with Riboflavin, and CK) are considered “Part 1”. For patients who desire further improvement in vision without constantly using glasses or contact lenses, the Visian ICL is considered “Part 2.” Three months after “Part 1”, patients can consider the Visian ICL to further improve their vision.

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