Exploring Exercise and Keratoconus

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017, 2:12 am

There are many reasons we have to exercise including weight loss, physical therapy, and just staying healthy. But according to the American Optometric Association, another reason to exercise is Keratoconus. Many doctors believe that exercising and training the eyes can slow the process of Keratoconus and strengthen the eyes.

Below are a few exercises you can do to help your eyes:

Focusing your eyes:

Swaying is an exercise that helps you regain control over the muscles of your eyes. In Keratoconus we struggle with symptoms like double vision and loss of eye control. Swaying teaches you how to control where your eyes go, and strengthens your muscles around your eyes.


-Keep your feet shoulder-width apart

-choose an object in the distance

-Sway from side to side focusing on the object as you pass by

Strengthening Your Eyes:

Recently the American Optometric Association said that Racket and Team sports help your strengthen your eyes by improving your overall visual acuity. Team sports and Racket sports work on

* Eye Tracking

* Visual Memory

* Reaction Time

* Depth Perception

* Peripheral Vision Skills

Overall exercise has many uses. Improving some of your vision and delaying the process of Keratoconus can be done with a few simple exercises over the course of time. Improving your vision and strengthening your eyes can also improve your vision for your ladder years by improving visual memory, depth perception, and peripheral vision skills.

So the next time you are in the eye doctors office be sure to ask them what you can do to improve your quality of vision at home or in the field. And the next time you think about your exercise routine find a way to add your eye exercises in and improve your vision quality for now and in your near future.



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