Coping With Ocular Migraine Headaches

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017, 3:15 am

Dealing with Keratoconus on a daily basis can be a challenge for many. The conditions even effects family members and friends. As the condition progresses it becomes difficult to do the daily activities you often enjoyed. At times patients living with the challenge of Keratoconus may experience Ocular migraines, which can cause some temporary vision symptoms.

People with ocular migraines can have a variety of symptoms.

Symptoms of Ocular Migraine May Include:

u Small enlarging blind spot in central vision lasting 20-30 minutes

u Bright Flashing or Flickering lights in central vision lasting 20-30 minutes

u Wavy or Zig-Zag Lines surrounding the central blind spot lasting 20-30 minutes

u Enlarging of the above moving across the field of vision lasting 20-30 minutes

u Headaches

However there are other conditions that effect those who suffer from Keratoconus including:

u Headaches

u Eye pain

u Sensitivity to light

u Impaired night vision

These additional symptoms make it difficult to enjoy daily activities, or even enjoy time with your children. Headaches in particular can become a strain on your physical and emotional well being.

Below are some additional things to help you cope with your headaches daily:

Headaches can often be caused by eye strain or sensitivity to light. Doing a few of the below things can help you get some relief from headaches and eye pain caused by Keratoconus:

Wearing sunglasses all year round: Sunglasses with 400 UV protection can help protect your sensitive eyes, and reduce the amount of strain you are putting on your eyes causing eye pain. Additionally it gives great protection from the sun.

Dry Eye Drops: These are just a temporary fix they can give you relief from eye pain and headaches. Dry eyes is often a symptom of Keratoconus and can bother you even when you don’t know it. Asking your eye care professional about dry eye and what they recommend in the way of drops can help reduce your eye pain.

Palming: Palming is a relaxation exercise that can give additional relaxation to your eyes individually or together. Palming consists of laying on the floor and covering both eyes with the palms of the hands for 10-15 minute intervals throughout the day.

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