INTACS Procedure for Keratoconus

Saturday, July 1st, 2017, 8:00 am

The Intacs procedure is a non-laser procedure that corrects mild to moderate nearsightedness. The clear inserts made to reshape the cornea and improve vision are made from the same material used in contact lenses and cataract surgery. The FDA- approved procedure cannot be seen when placed below the surface of the cornea. The Intacs procedure does not involve any shots or needles just numbing drops.


Benefits of Using INTACS:

  • Outpatient: INTACS does not require a lot of down time. Many patients go home afterwards and often return to work within a couple of days.
  • Little Pain/ Recovery Times: small amount of pain to no pain with the procedure. Although there may be some sensitivity and itching for a day or two.
  • Removable- INTACS can be removed easily if your prescription changes for any reason. The procedure is safe and easy.


The 10 minute Intacs procedure was originated in 1999. The surgical technique has various sizes and if not positioned correctly it is possible to experience worse vision. Before you have the Intacs procedure performed it is important to know the level of expertise of your surgeon. Setting up questions to ask your surgeon will be helpful, below are some questions to ask.

  • Will 1 or 2 segments be used?
  • What thickness will be used?
  • What location will Intacs be placed?



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