Learning the Advantages of the Holcomb C3-R® for Keratoconus

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015, 6:04 pm

Have you struggled with finding an address simply because you can’t read the street signs as you pass by? How about having to walk across the grocery isle just to see what the package you’re looking at says? The truth is millions of other people have these kinds of problems each year. There is hope for you when you know what you are facing and the treatment options. The gradual deterioration of your vision can be caused by a condition known as Keratoconus.

While there are several diagnoses of this condition each year, many are never diagnosed. The truth is people simply don’t get their eyes examined as much as they should. There are new advancements in the treatment of Keratoconus, over the past decade many new treatments have been designed including one called the Holcomb C3-R®. Why look into this one? The Holcomb C3-R® is short for Corneal Collagen Cross-linking with Riboflavin. This procedure involves the use of a Vitamin known as Riboflavin which strengthens your cornea when used in conjunction with a special UV light treatment at a doctor’s office.

Below are some benefits of this treatment:

In 99.07% of the Patients treated with this treatment have seen the progression of the condition halted. This solution continues to strengthen the cornea for 3-6 months, stabilizing and preserving the patient’s  vision. The results are amazing.

No Cutting and No extended Recovery Time, since there is no cutting involved in the treatment there is less time needed to recover. In fact you can return to your daily activities the next day.

The treatments of the past for those with Keratoconus have been painful and with long recovery. The treatments that are available today have a much different outcome. Researching your treatment options can help, and getting a yearly eye exam can catch the condition before it gets extreme. So improve your quality of vision and your life – learn more about the options today.

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